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A Raw Super Food, HIGH anti-oxidant CHOCOLATE pudding!

Last night my lovely husband wanted to make a pot d’creme or chocolate pudding..or something, anything sweet and chocolaty. So, he proceeded to pulled out all the eggs and milk and butter and chocolate chips until I said,… “ummm, honey…WAIT! … Continue reading

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Great Balls of Energy

I love to visit Healthy cafes to get inspired for smoothies and raw energy bars and the likes to make at home. After all, who can afford $3 bite size energy balls and $7 smoothies on the regular? Upon one … Continue reading

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Anti-Inflammatory Coconut Curry Soup

If coconut milk soups are your thing– your in luck to find this recipe. It’s simple. It’s delicious. and the ginger and tumeric provide an excellent spice AND help with inflammation. Ingredients: 1 medium sized leek or 1/2 head of … Continue reading

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Nutritious & Delicious Frijoles

Bean in English, Frijoles in Spanish. On family eats a ton of beans and not the canned kind either. I just read somewhere that different cultures around the world with the longest living populations eat the most beans. Beans are … Continue reading

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Healthy Five Minute Dinner

This easy dinner only takes five minutes to put together once your nutritious Pinto beans have soaked for at least 8 hours and then cooked. I like to rinse the beans twice if possible before cooking, but definetly rinse before … Continue reading

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Gluten Free Granola

Ingredients Dry ingredients: 1/2 cup millet, soaked in 1 cup water (then drained and added to wet ingredients before mixing with dry ingredients) 6 cups rolled oats 1-2 cups of any raw nuts you have on hand (filberts, pistachios, cashews, … Continue reading

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Nacho Queso—a very yummy cheesy sauce

2 C vegetable broth 15 ounces of cannellini beans or other light bean (pintos work fine) 2-3 jalapeno peppers, sliced –or use the spice you’ve got 1 tsp. ground cumin 1 tsp. onion powder–if you don’t have powder use real … Continue reading

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