Jeremy’s Noodle Soup

So, our friend Jeremy made this delicious soup for us one night for dinner and it was so tasty that I just had to have the recipe but it turned out all he really did was buy the udon noodles with a pack of seasoning and added pre-cooked rib meat. So, my husband and I set out to unpack the recipe and figure out how to make it from scratch and with an alternative protein to the rib meat, hence to optional shrimp and crab bullion that may be added.

makes 4-5 medium size bowls of delicious soup~

3 cups water
1 squirt of Braggs Amino Acids
3 dashes of Tamari (about 1 tsp)
1 tsp powdered veggie broth
6 garlic cloves, crushed
1/2 seeded jalapeno
2 T chopped red onion
4 mushrooms, sliced
1 stalk of lemon grass
1 crab bullion cube (optional)

Put all ingredients in a large stock pot and bring to a simmer for 5 minutes.

If you’d like to add shrimp: after the 5 minutes of simmering time, add shrimp and cook for 1-2 minutes.

Next: add Udon noodles and cook for 1-2 minutes.

Finally, garnish with chopped parsley and enjoy this delicate and tasteful soup.


About In the Kitchen

I'm all about foods that are delicious and nutritious for vegetarians, "pescatarians", and vegans alike who love local, seasonal, and organic foods. Health is wealth.... here i will keep my favorite recipes.
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