Make your own Nut Milk

this is crazy simple! and such a money saver!
I drink it daily as an alternative to cow’s milk.
1/2 cup of any kind of raw nut ( hazelnut, almond, walnut, praline, cashew)
1/2 cup pitted dates. ( or a dollop of honey or a pinch of sugar)
1 whole or just a piece of vanilla bean ( or extract if that is all you have on hand)
pinch of sea salt
and 5 cups of water

Put everything in a blender a blend until smooth.
Pour through a fine meshed sieve or strainer and refrigerate.

These milks will keep for roughly 4 to 5 days in the fridge so drink up!


About In the Kitchen

I'm all about foods that are delicious and nutritious for vegetarians, "pescatarians", and vegans alike who love local, seasonal, and organic foods. Health is wealth.... here i will keep my favorite recipes.
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