Vegetable Soup, for the Novice, Heavy on the Tomatoes

This is practically all I ever want to eat.  Or know how to cook.  Come to think of it, the two might be related.

Vegetable Soup:

Bay leaf

4 cans of peeled tomatoes (Net Weight 28 oz. ea. can)





A green pepper

The soup, not yet cooked

(And any other vegetables you like)

Empty the cans of tomatoes with juice into pot.  Then I slice the tomatoes in half, because I buy them peeled whole.  Add vegetables after making them bite-sized.  Add a few bay leaves (My mother insists that this makes a difference but I am skeptical; nevertheless, your soup will have leaves in it, which is funny [don’t eat them though]).  I do this process in four layers: a can of tomatoes, each vegetable, then repeat….  Then add water.  You want to fill the pot with vegetables, that way the water merely fills in the empty spaces between them. Cook until vegetables are soft, or, if you are impatient, eat it when the soup is hot but the vegetables are still raw – whatever.

 Add salt, if you like.


About In the Kitchen

I'm all about foods that are delicious and nutritious for vegetarians, "pescatarians", and vegans alike who love local, seasonal, and organic foods. Health is wealth.... here i will keep my favorite recipes.
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