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Purple Smoothie

2/3cups sliced purple cabbage 2cups grapes shred in a blender! (start by shredding half the grapes, then add it all!) simple. yummy. makes me feel happy. -Alys

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calcium express. Koi KoKu.

check your local fish market for the freshest/most regional CARP you can find and kindly ask the (wo)man behind the counter to take out the gallbladder. Once you get the fish home, or you may also ask the butcher, cut … Continue reading

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Thumbprint Cookies (recipe test-drive & review)

Ana and I discovered and ate these cookies while in Vancouver; cookies were the healthiest thing we ate. But they are healthy, hearty cookies. Since I can not purchase them here, I found this recipe online: Alterations: I used … Continue reading

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shitake, MISO, barley soup

..i should mention, that the place we’re moving into isn’t ready until the 15th of we have been staying with friends and i’ve been talking up the ladies for their delicious recipes> >so this is another very enjoyable soup … Continue reading

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yellow curry paste

this stuff is hot, like, spicy hot and really good on those clear thin noodles with steamed tofu (firm) and steamed broccoli. 5-10 yellow chile peppers 1 stalk of lemongrass 1/4 C. shallots 2 T. garlic 1 T. kra-Chai (it’s … Continue reading

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wheat bread

Whole wheat BREAD.(Adapted from The Laurel’s Kitchen Bread Book by Laurel Robertson)/Complements of Leonie Daniels Makes four loaves (freezes well) Ingredients ½C. water (75 degrees or hot from tap) 2 T. yeast ______________ 8 C. white flour 4 C. whole … Continue reading

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Vegetable Soup, for the Novice, Heavy on the Tomatoes

This is practically all I ever want to eat.  Or know how to cook.  Come to think of it, the two might be related. Vegetable Soup: Bay leaf 4 cans of peeled tomatoes (Net Weight 28 oz. ea. can) Broccoli … Continue reading

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